Tuesday, 1 November 2011


I havent had the chance to write anything. I dont know what to write!!!!!


Ill say this

Hopefully I will start doing graphics:-)

THanks :D

Friday, 28 October 2011

Interview with Treelow44!

Hello. As you know from my last post I said about that I would try to do interviews with some people who got MSW. I said about trying to get ceren.gk but she is too busy.

Here is Treelow44's Interview.
(In blue is what we said in pink is what she said!)

1. I heard that you would of loved to be in the top 3, was you dissapointed you wasn't?
A little but I was happy a mate of mine made it :)
2. Where do you think you should of came?
Ummm no i think I deserved 22-25
3. What were your first thoughts about getting through?
I was so happy :)
4. What were your first thoughts about getting through to the finals?
I was so happy i thought i was dreaming
5. Thinking about it now, What were your advantages about getting 15th?
A few more visits now and then.
6. Thinking about it now, What were your disadvantages about getting 15th?
Popularity faded
7. Was anyone nice to you about getting 15th?
Yes 97% I got it
8. Was anyone mean to you about getting 15th?
Yes some girl from turkey bosted we lost to them.
9. Did you become anymore popular because you came 15th and represented Great Britain?
Nope, When I got to partys some people know who I am.
10.Who helped you achieve your outstanding achievement?
Laurenhorse, Sharpayhsm96, Lilcutemacyxx, *puppyluver101*, stephiwefi and all the people that voted.

Thanks Treelow44 for letting us interview you. I really apretiate it.

If anyone is able to contact anyone who got MSW or in the finals please doll mail them the questions and let me know !!!!!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Sorry. I havent had the chance to write on here!
Anyway. Im going to interveiw people like Treelow44, XFashion-loverX and more people. I will try ceren.gk but she might be too busy.
Thats it for now
Thanks x

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Free Rebecca Bonbon top!

If you go on the search part on star Starplaza you click the colour black and tops.
If you go onto the 8th page it will be there for 0sc.


Friday, 14 October 2011

Non superstar makeup

Its not my cheat.
Some of it is superstar bit most non superstar.
Here it is.

Miss Stardoll World 2011

Well, Miss Stardoll World 2011 has just ended.
England did us well and came 15th!
Congratulations to Treelow44, she represented England for us!
In 1st place Ceren.gk from Turkey won!
In 2nd place X-Fashionlover-X from Sweden came second!
In 3rd place Isdluciana from Brazil came third!
Congratulations to everybody who was in MSW.

New Miss Sixty

Miss Sixty have brought in some new winter wonders!
Personally I think they are really nice.

If I had lots of stardollars I would get some but I dont:(